Building work day 44

Kitchen install progressing. Minor problem  – boxing in is required to hide the extractor pipework above the wall cupboards.

Shed/summerhouse has been dragged on to the lawn so a new base can be constructed lower and closer to the south wall, thus less dominating and making more room for the patio.

Building work day 39

Kitchen install progressing fast.  Patio going down, although a really cold night (-4c) last night. All plastering should be finished today (Thurs) so just need to wait for it to dry out.

Building work day 37

Cold, dry and sunny allowing work to progress on the patio base.  Plastering almost finished in the new room before moving into the hall.  Some lights now in place and kitchen install underway.  8 workers on site. That’s a lot of tea and coffee….

Building works day 26

End of the 4th week. Bifolds arrived and ready to be installed on Monday.  Kitchen is out, no water or light.  Plasterboarding almost complete and primed for plastering.  Garage door installed.

Building works day 21

Busy weekend finishing upstairs doors and filling borrowed lights ready for painting.

Monday and half the kitchen comes out. First fix electrics also progressing.

Work started raising the patio.  Aco drain installed

Building works day 17

Passed Building Control inspection in the morning.  Steel has been insulated and walls prepared for bifolds next week.

My job has been replacing bedroom doors upstairs.  Borrowed lights above doors have gone.

Building works day 16

A relatively quiet weekend. Work commenced installing the door frame to garage and piers for bifolds.  Building Control due to visit tomorrow (Weds).  Ian has been around helping lift the parquet flooring.