Hastings new lifeboat

The new Shannon class lifeboat, which will be named as the Richard and Caroline Colton, returning after crew training session on Saturday 3rd November.


The Shannon is the latest class of all-weather lifeboat to join the RNLI fleet, and being capable of 25 knots it is almost 50% faster than the old Mersey class lifeboat previously stationed at Hastings. She is also the first modern all-weather lifeboat propelled by waterjets instead of propellers, making her the most agile and manoeuvrable all-weather lifeboat in the RNLI fleet.

Measuring just over 13m in length and weighing in at 18 tonnes, the Shannon is the smallest and lightest of current all-weather lifeboats, meaning she can be launched straight off the beach via a new and improved Shannon Launch and Recovery System (SLARS).

The current Mersey will stay as the operational lifeboat at Hastings, being used for all call-outs, until the crew have been fully trained and passed out as competent to handle the new lifeboat at which point the Sealink Endeavour will leave, as yet to an unknown fate.


The new boat will be officially named in a ceremony at the station on 27th April, 2019.


The Swiss Alps – Part 2 Männlichen

The cable car from Wengen terminates in the larger grey building, behind is the cafe/restaurant and the cable car station with the long decent East down to Grindelward.

Looking back down to Wengen and in the distance Lauterbrunnen.

Looking east towards Grindelward.

A walk to the summit at 2,345m

The Swiss Alps – Part 1 Wengen

Heading up from the valley and Lauterbrunnen towards Wengen.  The Staubbachfall on the right.  The more famous Trummelbachfalle are further up the valley.

First view of the Jungfrau in the distance  

The Hotel Edelweiss for our stay.

Hotel permanent residents

View from our window (room 107)


They say: “’till the cows come home…”  Well they are today. Moving down to the valley for Winter.

Special birthday celebration for the hotel chef

The cable car in Wengen town centre takes you up to Mannlichen. Pay an extra 5 CHF and you can ride up top.

On the route downhill from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen. Hard on the knees.