Reef Oasis Blue Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – 3 of 4

Underwater with the FT-5.  Including the monster giant moray beastie.

P1010566 P1010580 P1010588 P1010601 P1010603 P1010615 P1010619 P1010624 P1010630 P1010631 P1010634 P1010636 P1010657 P1010667 P1010676 - Copy P1010680 - Copy P1010735 P1010737 P1010741 P1010743 P1010767 P1010774 P1010797 P1010810 P1010824 P1010825 P1010832 P1010846 P1010849 P1010851 P1010852 P1010855 P1010858 P1010898 P1010902 P1010905